Charming Fincastle is a community that understands the importance of holding on to the past while embracing the opportunities of the future. This spirit of accepting the new while maintaining the spirit of the past gives Fincastle a unique, eclectic atmosphere.

For those interested in exploring the historic side of Fincastle, there are Historic District guided tours. The tours include information about court house documents signed by Thomas Jefferson, a horse-mounting stile in front of the Presbyterian church, early gravestones dating as far back as 1765, towering steeples with bells and hand water pumps at wells and cisterns.

Important historic buildings include the Hayth Hotel, a blacksmith shop at Wysong Park, the Bank of Fincastle, the Thompson-Carper House, the Hatter’s Shop and many more. Fincastle is a piece of living history located inside a thriving community.

There is plenty to keep families busy in historic Fincastle. Visit the Woodpecker Ridge Nature Reserve, enjoy an Appalachian Wilderness Adventure Program or enjoy a show from Attic Productions.